Innkeeper Judith McMonigle Flynn and her irascible cousin, Renie, attempt to solve the 50-year-old mystery of a once-grand mansion that has fallen into disrepair and whose residents are seldom if ever seen.
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Judith’s cousin Renie asks her to accompany her to her old neighborhood. She wants to take a look at an old house on Moonfleet that has always intrigued her. It has always seemed deserted.

Judith’s husband Joe is out of town and she can get away from her Bed & Breakfast for a little while, she agrees. When they arrive, they run into an old mailman that Renie had run ins with years ago. They learn that the house isn’t deserted. People do live there. They get mail, milk and packages delivered.

The milkman tells them that Dick and Jane Bland, along with Jane’s spinster sister, Sally, live there.

Judith comes back alone one day to get a better look. She parks her car in the alley behind on the house and gets out. She finds out that they get one UPS package a year from Austria. Finally she goes on with her errands. At the grocery store, she opens the car trunk to load her bags and finds the dead milkman from the Moonfleet house.

Of course, she is a suspect. Her car is impounded. Renie comes to pick her up.

On top of all this, Judith’s son Mike and his wife Kristen have split up. Neither Joe nor Judith can understand this. Mike and their two boys go to stay with Uncle Al until Kristin can get her stuff out and head to her parents’.

Judith and Renie must uncover the truth before Joe returns. They end up getting themselves into much hot water before they can sort everything out.

The author has done a fabulous job of creating these characters. All of them are terrific. I love reading books in this series. They are entertaining and there is always a good mystery for them to unravel!

I highly recommend this book and series.

Dawn Dowdle