When thirty-year-old Charlotte Adams returns home to set up her personal organizing business in the historic town of Woodbridge, New York, she's expecting to find clients who need professional help sorting out their clutter, collections and just plain junk. She's expecting to reconnect with her old school friends, the lovable misfits: Sally, Margaret and Jack. She's expecting that her two rescued miniature dachshunds will help her forget her lying, cheating ex-fiancÚ and the square-cut diamond she's just tossed into the Hudson. She's not expecting to find her first client dead in the debris of a historic home. Not even a little bit. The death of the tyrannical retired teacher Helen "Hellfire" Henley makes the news in a big way. That's got to be bad for business. Naturally things get worse when the police find Charlotte's pen under the body. This is particularly tricky since Charlotte's former friend and current nemesis, Sgt. Pepper Monahan is in charge of the investigation. Try organizing your way out of that, lady.
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Charlotte Adams has returned home to Woodbridge, NY, to set up shop as a professional organizer. She's just dumped her cheating ex-fiance, and although her closets are organized, her life is anything but.

When Miss Helen "Hellfire" Henley calls to hire her to organize Henley House, she accepts against her friend's protests because she made Charlotte's life a living hell back in high school at St. Jude's. When Charlotte arrives, she discovers Miss Henley wants her to find some important documents in the accumulated junk left. So instead of just tossing the junk, she's going to have to sort through each and every piece.

That night Miss Henley calls summoning her to Henley House. Charlotte does not go as she's busy. The next day Miss Henley is found murdered at the house. Charlotte feels responsible and begins investigating.

Plus Detective Sergeant Pepper Monahan was the lead. She was Charlotte's best friend in school, but they've had a falling out and Pepper has it in for her.

Can Charlotte make sense of the mess at Henley House while keeping Pepper from putting her in jail?

This is the first book I've read by this author. It won't be the last. This is a fabulous cozy series that is a fast, easy read. The characters are fun. I enjoyed the organizing tips because they were blended into the story wonderfully. The strife between Pepper and Charlotte added to the intensity.

I highly recommend this book.

Dawn Dowdle

We all had a teacher like Miss Helen "Hellfire" Henley, someone we all hated for the way she terrorized us. But when she comes to Charlotte Adams, who has just started her own business as a professional organizer, she decides that she might not be such a bad client. Miss Henley has just inherited an old house that she needs cleaned and organized and Charlotte really needs the money. But what seemed a simple job turns into a major headache when she is informed that she can't just throw all the old junk away, she has to dig through what looks like years of junk to find an important documents Miss Henley needs. But the job is almost over before she gets started when she arrives at the home and finds Miss Henley dead and herself at the top of the suspect list.

Charlotte decides to put her organizing skills to good use and not only find the killer but clear her own name and that of her fledging business, after all, when you are really organized, how hard can it be to list clues and follow them to the killer? Of course, she doesn't figure on the police not liking her help or the killer deciding that she doesn't need to find them.

Charlotte is a feisty character who has dumped her cheating ex-fiance, moved back home and is putting her best skill to work, her ability to organize to start her own business. But she quickly finds that when you get involved in murder it is easier to give advice than it is to follow it. But with help from her dogs, her lists and a few good friends, she is determined to clear her name. Maffini has created a neat little cozy, complete with organizing tips.

Kathy Thomason