death reins in
In Death Reins In, Michaela is headed out for a day at the Quarter Horse Races with her dear friend Audrey Pratt. However, a fun day under the southern California blue skies turns dark and gloomy rather fast, when Audrey reveals that her brother (racetrack veterinarian) Bob Pratt has been missing for a few days. Michaela suspects that Bob may be out on a binder and hopes that isn’t so, as Audrey has recently put her brother through rehab. But when Audrey winds up murdered at the races, out on the back forty lot next to the parked horse trailers, Michaela suspects that Bob’s disappearance and Audrey’s murder are related. She is determined to find out who did this horrible thing to her friend and locate Audrey’s missing brother.
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Michaela Bancroft and her friend and colleague Audrey Pratt attend the Quarter Horse Races together. After the races they plan to look at some horses. Michaela is expanding her training business to include riding lessons.

Unfortunately, Audrey is found strangled to death with a pair of reins after the race. The cops begin looking for her brother Bob who has been missing for a few days. They think he started drinking again and killed his sister. Michaela doesn’t believe this. She’s concerned there may be a connection between his disappearance and her death.

As she begins to investigate, she finds many secrets and ends up in some sticky situations. Can she find out what happened to Bob and who killed Audrey without putting herself into jeopardy?

Even though I’m not a horse person, I love this series. Michaela is such a fun character. All of the other characters enhance the series. I also like the California setting.

The writer gives enough information about horses to interest the reader but not so much that only horse lovers would enjoy the series. The mystery is plotted out well with plenty of suspects and twists and turns to keep the reader guessing. I highly recommend this book and series.

Dawn Dowdle