Set in Louisville, Kentucky, this first presentation of the Winthorpe Mysteries tells the story of the growth of a man and the forming of a family.  It is a romance, but the driving forces are suspense, deception and bloody murder. 

The man, Davis Winthorpe, is a jaded, cynical, user of people.  In the beginning of these stories he is a lonely man without any useful purpose beyond paying his bills and being his own boss.  The villain describes him as a two-bit call-him-when-you-need-him errand boy.  His sweetheart gives him the name of Taskmaster.  In the end of the matter, Davis and Kitty Winthorpe transform into a dynamic team of creative problem solvers.  They each make their own journey toward personal acceptance and individual worth.

Winthorpe, through his business, is used as a stooge by a relentless property developer, one Harry M. Snapp.  The hero is sent upon a wild goose chase by the villain to create a smoke screen as an alibi and cover up for murder. Harry Snapp’s wife is shot in the head, one time.  At the supposed time of the shooting Snapp has Winthorpe out for a ride on the historic riverboat, The Belle of Louisville.  Martha Snapp is shot as Harry and Davis go upriver, under the bridge and back again.  Harry Snapp is guilty, and Winthorpe knows it.  In the end, only two people know the truth.

Sent to New York City on what the villain assumes is an impossible mission, Winthorpe discovers information which reveals Harry Snapp to be a liar.  In the city he meets his love interest, Kitty Servideo.  Together they pursue both the evil intent of Snapp and each other in what proves to be a sensual blending of lonely hearts and lust for adventure.

Kitty is a dynamic vivacious schemer who brings out the best in Davis Winthorpe while constantly frustrating him with her unpredictable nature, and her own deep dark secret over promises once made to her dying mother.

Humor, caprice and serendipity blend into a suspenseful unfolding of the truth about Harry.  Davis and Kitty do become man and wife, and Harry is found to be guilty. Harry is guilty of murder all right, but he didn’t kill his wife.  In the final chapter Winthorpe uncovers the truth.