Hairstylist Marla Shore is thrust into her newest South Florida adventure when her animal-loving neighbor named Goat disappears, leaving his pets alone and a dead body in the master bedroom. After she notices the distinctive pattern of highlights in the deceased person’s hair, Marla gets hot on the trail of her missing friend.  Soon she’s untangling clues involving hair growth formulas, exotic animal smuggling, and citrus canker. When dashing Dalton Vail’s interest turns decidedly personal, she wonders which pursuer will claim her first: the amorous detective or the killer?
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Once again Nancy has done a terrific job.  This is a great book!  I highly recommend it.  A wonderful addition to a superb series. 

Marla Shore’s neighbor Goat is missing and a man is found dead in his townhouse.  Her boyfriend Detective Dalton Vail asked her to accompany him to Goat’s townhouse.  But, once the dead man is found, he asks her to let him handle the investigation. 

Of course, Marla can’ do that.  The police think Goat killed him.  She just can’t believe that.  She does some investigation.  She goes to see her old teacher Cutter Corrigan at his salon.  She recognizes the highlights in the dead man’s hair as being Corrigan’s signature. 

At the same time Louise Cunningham is opening her salon just down the street from Marla’s Cut ‘N Dye Salon.  Marla is having trouble hiring another stylist and receptionist.  She feels torn between the investigation and her salon. 

Plus Marla’s mother Anita keeps setting her up with Barry, the son of her boyfriend Roger.  Marla can’t stand Roger.  Barry is a nice lawyer.  She is confused because she can’t decide whether she and Dalton have a future.  Dalton’s daughter Brianna is about to turn 13 and Marla isn’t sure she wants a relationship with a child involved.  Brianna is becoming attached to Marla.  Marla and Dalton don’t see eye to eye in the way Brianna should be brought up.  This is causing a lot of friction. 

Before Marla is done investigating, she will find herself in danger.  Eventually Dalton goes along with her to help keep her safe. 

Marla is such a great protagonist.  She is likeable and strong willed.  There are so many things going on in her life that at times she feels overwhelmed and has trouble focusing.  I always enjoy this series and look forward to many more!

Dawn Dowdle