Hairstylist Marla Shore is chewing her nails over her latest dilemma.  She’s joined a fitness club to get in shape, but more than her abs tighten when a member is murdered.  To complicate matters, Detective Dalton Vail disapproves of the charade she’s playing to help a friend.  She'd better polish her act, or she’ll be the next one.
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Marla Shore owns Cut 'N Dye Salon.  She joins Perfect Fit Sports Club for a 3-month trial membership.  She and her friend Tally plan to work out together. 

Jolene Myers, a client of Marla's, is found dead in the whirlpool at the gym the first night Marla is there. 

Marla Shore dates Detective Dalton Vail.  He has a 12 year old daughter Brianna and Marla isn't sure how involved she wants to get with him. 

Marla and Dalton do not believe Jolene's death was an accident.  She joins forces with him to help find the killer.  There's no shortage of suspects.  Everyone has a secret and thus a motive.  Then there's another murder.  Things get very dangerous for Marla and others involved. 

This series is hilarious and very enjoyable and contains many hijinks.  I always look forward to reading another book in this series to see what Marla will get into and find out the latest in her love life. 

I like this series set in a hair salon.  People talk to their hairstylist.  Marla finds out things most people wouldn't be able to.  I also like the growing relationship between Dalton and Marla and Marla and Brianna.  I hope things work out for them in the future.

Dawn Dowdle