A call from Meredith Laughlin's husband propels her through nine horrendous days and into a deadly snare.


"A truly exceptional read, the finest example of a genre, a book with which the reviewer can find no fault, and which will usually have universal appeal."
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Meredith Laughlin’s husband, Dr. Conrad Laughlin, calls on his way to visit clinics in outlying areas.  While on the phone, Meredith hears him scream, then the sounds of a car crash, and then silence as the phone goes dead.  No one is able to reach him by phone or to locate him. 

She reports his disappearance and probable crash, but since his car hasn’t been located and no crash has been reported, there really isn’t much they could do.  Finally she gets Detective Sam Vanderhoven to investigate his disappearance.

Dr. Key Walker, Conrad’s partner, covers for Conrad, but this adds a lot of extra work on his plate.  When he looks into Conrad’s files, he found some interesting and odd things.  Key begins to wonder what is going on.  Could Conrad’s disappearance be related?

Meredith begins Grad School and through some of her classes begins to realize her husband might not be what he had appeared to be.  To help her move on with her life, she begins to try to find him and get the answers she needs.

Some additional things begin to happen.  Can they either find him or at least what happened to him before anyone else is seriously hurt?

I have never read anything by this author before.  This book pulled me in immediately, and I found myself having trouble putting it down.  It is an intriguing story.  You really get a feel for what Meredith is going through and how this affects her life.  The characters are wonderfully created and work well together.  The Texas location really lends itself to this story.  The author does a great job switching between the various characters so that we see the story from many angles.  Normally this detracts from a story, but in this instance, it is so well done.  I highly recommend this book!  Hope she writes more like this.

Dawn Dowdle

West writes a striking mystery, with deception and sociopaths galore. Detective Sam and Agatha have plenty of juicy history, and act as guides for Meredith's self awakening, as they help her hunt for her husband. West intertwines good and evil in a ghostly dance, even as she clearly delineates her characters. Action is nonstop, and West peels the layers of evil with a practiced eye. Nancy Glass West is a wise woman with a knack for suspense.