easy money
Dick Braun is a deputy sheriff in an affluent Ohio township, fed up with his job and wife and trying to hang on to his hot girlfriend, a wannabe screenwriter who talks in movie titles and can’t decide between love and greed. Desperate, Dick comes up with a plan to steal eight million dollars from an armored car and with the money and lady, fly out of the country.
He calls on an ex-army buddy, a former gang banger in the LA barrio who comes out with his cousin to help. They get the cash but there’s a double cross, the money’s on the loose and Dick goes scrambling after it.
Mixed up in a tangle of lies and betrayal are two former Navy seals, a Merrill Lynch broker, a bent Mexican cop, a rogue banker, a Brazilian woman to die for, government types and people out to kill.
Hey, it’s eight million dollars.
Tough and tight, the story winds its way down to an unexpected finale.
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Bordering on noir with touches of humor, Easy Money by Norm Maher has it all: colorful, unique characters, snappy dialogue, unusual crime, sex, plenty of action, colorful settings, and a twisted surprise ending. Highly recommended.

Marilyn Meredith, Author of the Deputy Tempe Crabtree mystery series.