the pot thief who studied pythagoras
When a shady character offers him $25,000 to steal a thousand-year-old pot from the Valle del Rio Museum, Hubert Schuze knows he should turn it down. His pot digging may be illegal, but it’s a big step from that to robbery. But he figures it can’t hurt just to visit the museum and assay his chances.

He figured wrong.

After deciding the museum is impregnable, he returns to his shop to find a BLM agent who accuses him of stealing the rare pot. Theft charges escalate to murder.

Hubert’s powerful deductive skills and weak nerves are put to the test as he solves the crime and clears himself.
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The Pot Thief Who Studied Pythagoras has all the components of a great read – an intricate plot, quirky characters, crackling dialog, and a surprise ending. What’s more, Orenduff successfully captures the essence of New Mexico through humor, romance and even a little philosophical musing. New Mexico’s rich history, people, food, and landscape come alive on its pages. But, while Orenduff’s account is authentic, this book leaves you wanting more of New Mexico and the only way to remedy that is to come see it for yourself.

Bill Richardson, Governor of New Mexico