secrets by the sea
Intrigue, danger and romance, Caribbean style…
Stunned to learn that her grandfather’s body had washed onto an Antigua beach, a victim of foul play, Dana Sinclair leaves immediately for the exotic place her grandmother had always called “Heartbreak Island.” She moves into her grandfather’s centuries-old home, Edgewater Manor which overlooks the Caribbean Sea, and begins searching for answers to the questions haunting her…
Who would want her grandfather dead? Why did the police immediately suspect Clifton Wilder, her handsome but enigmatic neighbor? Is there something to the legend of the Brasher doubloon, or it is simply an island tale?
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Suspense and mastery fills the pages of this amazing novel, Secrets by the Sea. It triggers the desire to continue reading every word. This story has so many surprises where murder, greed and love are fully woven and entwined throughout.
Mary Montague Sikes knows how to capture your interest with the amazing stories she writes. Such a gifted author with a talent to create suspense within all her words. This book will long be remembered even after one has moved on to other books to read.
Pamela Waller, Author of The Glass Rose