vegas vixen
Las Vegas in the 1960s...corrupt politicians, mobsters, and crooked cops competed for turf and power, and Christina Patterson, Sin City’s top madam, knew how to play the game. Beautiful, yet smart and savvy, admired by clients and associates alike— she held the secrets of the most influential people in Vegas.
On Christmas Eve 2002, Detective Steve Garneau is called to an exclusive Las Vegas neighborhood. A 67-year-old woman is sprawled on her living room floor, shot to death. Garneau surveys the scene — no indication of robbery or sexual assault, no break-in. With the lack of clues, Garneau suspects a professional killer, but there is no question about the victim’s identity— Christina Patterson.
Unable to spot a present-day motive for the murder, Garneau must research Patterson’s working days. He finds that in some cases there was little difference between those who broke the law and the badge-carriers charged with enforcing it.
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What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Maybe not...

Vegas Vixen, a cop tale, begins with the murder of an elderly lady living in a comfortable home. Turns out she was an ex-madam from the heyday of Las Vegas corruption some three decades ago. A time when the
mob still kicked ass, and cops were on the pad, and there were plenty of holes in the desert to drop off dead bodies.

The case falls top to detective Steve Garneau, a cop with his own problems on the job, and a female partner known as the black widow who shot her abusive boyfriend.

Author Denny Griffin, a ex-cop himself, keeps the suspense and surprises coming, bang, bang, bang. with a detective ready to retire who was on the job back then, an aging reporter from those days, a hooker who went straight and married well., and a strange hit man who pops in and out, waiting to clean things up for good.

A page turner that pulls your right in. Well recommended.

Norm Maher, author of EASY MONEY

Dennis Griffin has once again written another blockbuster novel - Vegas Vixen. His two Las Vegas detectives catch a Christmas homicide and during the investigation battle politics, crooked cops and holdover mores from old time Las Vegas. This new novel is not to be missed.

Keith Bettinger, Author of: Fighting Crime With "Some" Day and Lenny

Beginning with the murder of a former famous madam, this police procedural by veteran police officer and writer, Dennis Griffin is packed with realistic action, plenty of Vegas flavor, police politics, and an unusual mystery with surprising twists.

Marilyn Meredith author of the Deputy Tempe Crabtree mysteries and as F.M. Meredith, the Rocky Bluff P.D. series.