one...two...buckle my shoe
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Richard Slater is a cynical, former homicide detective just putting in time with robbery until he can retire when he is called back to the homicide division to help investigate a series of bizarre killings of young girls.  Each victim is about 5 years old, neatly wrapped in plastic, killed by carbon monoxide poisoning and left where the body will be found quickly.  Slater had investigated a hit and run accident a few years ago with the help of the victim's mother, who saw her daughter's body in a vision and now Katherine is having visions of the murders but refuses to talk to anyone but Slater.  Both are reluctant to get involved but feel an obligation to the victims family's to help them stop the killer.  The police are stumped, he gets in and out, leaves no evidence behind and with the victims not being molested, seemingly has no motive for the purely random killings.  But when Slater's daughter, Michelle, becomes a target, it becomes a race against time to stop the killer before he gets to Michelle. Complicating matters is Katherine's visions include a young boy named Bernie, who is obviously scared and being coerced into helping the killer and Katherine is trying to help Slater as much as she can and protect Bernie at the same time.

Slater and Katherine are the perfect examples of two lost souls slowly finding their way out of their own personal hells and finding each other at the same time while dealing with one of the most bizarre murder cases anyone can remember.  Bernie is one of the most complex characters you will ever read about and Paranya's knowledge of psychology is obvious in this deeply disturbing psychological thriller with an ending so surprising it will take your breath away.  You will not want to put this one down until you have read every word and then you will go back and read it again because you won't be able to sleep anyway.  Definitely one of the best thrillers of the year.

Kathy Thomason