A savvy L.A. attorney juggles marriage, career and ambition only to become enmeshed in a suspicious sexual harassment case that explodes into a tale of corporate greed, deceit and violence, placing everything she cherishes most at risk.
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Vernetta Henderson is hoping to become a partner in her law firm. She expects to win the sexual harassment case right before decisions are made, knowing that would really boost her chances.

That was before things started going wrong with the case. Soon she wishes she had settled it up front when she had the chance.

Her husband Jefferson is out of town on a big contract for his electrical company. He is having troubles of his own. He becomes the target of his young assistant and ends up in a compromising situation that could jeopardize his marriage.

Can Vernetta keep things under control both at work and at home? Can she keep her best friend from getting herself killed trying to play detective?

I really enjoyed this gripping legal mystery. Vernetta is a likeable character and the plot is well written and the mystery intriguing to keep your interest. You will want to keep reading to figure out who did it and why. I highly recommend this book.

Dawn Dowdle