a hard day's death
Rock star Peter Flame is found dead. It looked like he hanged himself, but the coroner ruled it a homicide. Now it’s up to Spike Berenger and Rockin’ Security to find out who killed Flame… and why. Was it his ex-wife? A former bandmate? A religious cult that had become Flame’s groupies? A member of one of the mysterious rock ‘n’ roll gangs terrorizing New York? Only a music insider like Spike can hope to wade through the rumors and the legends and find the cold hard facts… and a cold-blooded killer.
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A frantic dash through the world of rock and roll. Thrillsa-plenty and backstage passes to the magical mystery musicaltwilight zone.

Ian Anderson of JETHRO TULL

A sizzling story full of classic thriller twists, humor, and a dead-on look at the music business.

Jeffery Deaver, author of THE SLEEPING DOLL

A HARD DAY'S DEATH is the most fun you'll have reading a book this year. An exciting, compelling and often funny mystery, written by an industry insider.

J. A. Konrath, author of DIRTY MARTINI