Meet Kitty Larsen, the world's most unlikely detective. On the downhill side of 65, her figure has shifted from hourglass to pear-shaped; she wears false eyelashes, gobs of jewelry and custom-made tent dresses.

A former mermaid with an aversion to water, Kitty has made the giant leap from a ramshackle house in North Dakota to a fancy Sutton Place apartment on Manhattan's Upper East Side. The loves of her life are her fourth husband, the world-famous "Seer to the Stars," Tootie, her darling Shih Tzu, and Career Steps - The Agency with a Heart, the employment agency that she won in a poker game.

In the first of the Sutton Place Mystery series, Kitty's comfortable life takes a terrifying turn when she must unmask the terpsicorean ape that is knocking off members of the health club for the rich and flabby where her niece works--or die trying.
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Kitty Larsen is on the downside of 65. She run Career Step—The Agency with a Heart, an employment agency she won in a poker game.

Kitty’s niece, Cynthia, asks for her help to find the killer of two members of the health club she works at. She is concerned another member dressed up like a tap dancing gorilla and killed them both.

Kitty gets a free trial membership at the health club to be able to meet other members and work to get to the bottom of things. Soon she enlists the aid of her employee, Phyllis. They are each able to talk to members and find out information from them.

Will they be able to uncover the killer before another member is killed? What is the connection between these two women?

Kitty is such a fun character. I really enjoyed this book. The health club setting was great as well! I highly recommend this book!

Dawn Dowdle

Meet Kitty Larsen, a transplant from North Dakota to upper east side Manhattan, owner of “Career Steps – The Agency With A Heart” (an employment agency she won in a poker game), married for the 4th time to Charles Blumenfaux (“Seer to the Stars”) and owner of Tottie, her beloved Shih Tzu.

Believing only “cowboys and farmers” should wear jeans, she strongly objects to her niece's request to take a temporary membership in the health club her niece is employed with, when 2 of its members are murdered. Cynthia’s sobs melt Kitty’s heart who then agrees to do some quiet investigating in the pretense of an active member. Along the way, she meets Phyllis, an employee of this same health club, and together they work towards finding the common denominator of the two murdered women and solve the case before another member is murdered.

Renee created a delightful character in Kitty, giving this mystery a bit of fun. I enjoyed reading this book and wouldn’t hesitate to pick up the next adventure of Kitty Larsen, amateur detective.

Skye Lindborg