Genealogist Torie O'Shea Finds That Her Own Family Tree Is Rooted In Murder. The December annual O'Shea family reunion is just kicking off when genealogist and town historian Torie O'Shea discovers a bad apple in her family tree. Someone has sent her several newspaper clippings reporting a fifty-year-old unsolved murder. The dead man is her great-grandfather-shot on his own front porch while his family was trapped inside. Everybody knows great grandpa Keith died in a hunting accident. Or did he? Between fussing over too many house guests, husband, children--and the surprising news she's once again in the "family way"--Torie gets a sneaking suspicion the truth may be as deadly now as it was fifty years ago. Soon she's shaking the family tree, never anticipating the shocking truths ready to drop-along with a motive for murder that could mean it's history for Torie as well.