Dr. Fenimore travels to Prague to solve the mystery of his missing relatives.  He is also in search of a good Czech meal, like his mother used to make.
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Doctor Fenimore is a general physician in Philadelphia who still makes house calls, but this story is set in Prague.  He goes to Prague because his Czech cousin Anna and her husband Vlasta aren’t answering their phone.  Vlasta is to come to Philadelphia for heart surgery soon.   

When he arrives, he finds their nine-year-old daughter Marie hiding in the giant oven in their apartment.  She tells him that two men with guns came and took her parents away.  He then smuggles Marie off to Philadephia.  His secretary, Mrs. Doyle, is to care for her with the help of Dr. Fenimore’s girlfriend Jennifer and Horatio, his teenage office helper also known as ‘Rat’.  

He then goes to the University where his cousins teach to try to contact some of their colleagues.  Unfortunately the college is on break and there aren’t many people there.  He meets Ilsa.  She gives him a tour of the city and ends up taking him to a puppet show.  He meets Redik, the puppet master and a colleague of his cousin’s.  She also takes him to St. Wenceslas Chapel.  They see a sign announcing that the Crown Jewels will be on display there the next day.  

Dr. Fenimore has many adventures in Prague.  He and eventually Jennifer, when she comes to Prague, are brought more deeply into the center of things.  They both find themselves in danger while trying to untangle the web and find his cousins.

This is the first I have read in this series.  It won’t be the last.  I cannot wait to read the next one.  Dr. Fenimore is such a great character.  He is so simple, but yet very intelligent.  You can believe that he doesn’t have a cell phone or use email regularly.  He is the kind of doctor I’d like to find.  All of the other characters are so wonderfully created as well.  

The scenery of Prague was very interesting.  I don’t know much about it so I enjoyed learning.   

Plus I got to meet author Robin Hathaway and that was an added bonus.  

I highly recommend this book.  I also have read her new book Scarecrow in her new series.  Please read my review on that book as well.

Dawn Dowdle