Dr. Fenimore fondly recalls his days of rowing on the Schuylkill River in Philadelphia. He decides to take up the sport again in middle age for relaxation. Unfortunately, he finds the opposite as he becomes involved in a vicious murder and must decide whether to sink--or swim!
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Dr. Fenimore renews his membership at his old boating club to experience some of the relaxation rowing on the Schuylkill River in Philadelphia provided in the past. He runs into his old fraternity brother, Charlie Ashburn, as he now runs the club. Charlie had to give rowing up years ago due to a heart condition back when he and Dr. Fenimore were in medical school.

Now Charlie's son Chuck is rowing. Charlie's wife asks Dr. Fenimore about the possibility of Chuck's having the same condition as Charlie. He is appalled that they haven't had him tested and helps her bring it up at a dinner party before the big regatta to try to save Chuck's life. This just makes Charlie refuse to talk to him.

The regatta goes off without a hitch, but soon after Chuck collapses and dies. Dr. Fenimore is determined to help find the killer. Could it have been his parents? What about his coach or the competition? What about the marina developer who wants to tear down the current boating area in the name of progress? Can he find the killer without putting himself or his girlfriend in danger?

I like Dr. Fenimore. He is the kind of doctor most of us would like to find; he still makes house calls. In this book he ends up needing a doctor more than he can be a doctor. I think that vulnerability adds credence to his character. I really like his assistant, Mrs. Doyle, and the teenager who helps out in the office, Horatio or "Rat" as he's called.

Plus in this book Rat is helping out a young runaway and brings Dr. Fenimore into that as well. I thought this added a lot to the story.

The uncertainty with his girlfriend helped to make his character more realistic. Things weren't totally secure in his life.

I liked the rowing. It's not something I've participated in, but I think it's a great sport. It really gave the story an interesting setting.

I highly recommend this book.

Dawn Dowdle