When a murder takes place at Jo Bank's motel, she takes on a motor cycle gang to solve the crime.
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Dr. Jo Banks is a motel doctor in New Jersey. What is a motel doctor? She lives in a motel in a little town. She is on call for the local motels if a guest gets sick. Plus she has regular hours in a cabin out back of the motel.

The motel has become overrun with bikers from the Satan’s Apostle motorcycle gang. Once she finds out she grew up with Pi, the leader of the gang, her opinion of them changes. She begins to see them as people, not just bikers and criminals.

A biker is poisoned and Pi is the prime suspect. Jo does not believe he did it. She helps him hide while she does some investigating to find out who really killed him.

Jo always gets herself into some pretty hairy situations, but I really like this character. She isn’t always sure of herself because of her past, but she also doesn’t wallow in it. Her character is well written and the location in New Jersey really lends itself to the various stories.

I can’t wait for the next one! I highly recommend this book and Scarecrow, the first in this series.

Dawn Dowdle