sleight of hand
Jo Banks, a motel doctor in South Jersey, hears a printing press chugging away in a barn and makes the mistake of investigating. This mistake leads Jo into the dark and mysterious lives of a reclusive farmer-printer, Max, and his mentally disabled daughter, Lolly. Within a few hours, she is forced to operate on the printer's hand in his antiquated farm kitchen--surrounded by cats.
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Dr. Jo Banks is a local motel doctor in NJ. She often rides her motorcycle on her rounds or to Bridgeton Hospital. One day she comes upon the site of an execution style killing. Everyone believes the victim was affiliated with the Philadelphia mob. 

Then on her way home, she hears what she believes to be a printing press in a barn. She stops to investigate. The man working the printing press inside the barn is startled by her presence and his hand becomes stuck in the roller mechanism. He pulls a gun on Jo with his free hand, requiring she free him. When Lolly, his daughter with Down syndrome, comes into the barn, he turns the gun on her. He tells Jo he will kill Lolly if she doesn't return quickly with supplies to operate on his mangled hand.

He rejects any hospitalization or other doctors. Jo hurries off for supplies wondering why he won't seek medical help and whether she can perform the needed surgery in his house. 

In tending to him daily after the surgery, Jo begins to get a sense of why he won't leave his house. She also begins to wonder if he was associated with the murdered man. Can she make sense of everything?

I absolutely love this series. Jo is such a fun character. I wish I had a doctor like her! With every book she gets even better. I can't wait for the next one.

The author is so great at crafting a mystery with plenty of twists and turns to keep you turning the page. I know that when I start a book in this series, I'd better clear my schedule to get it finished.

I highly recommend this book and series.

Dawn Dowdle