Air Force wife and new mom Ellie Avery has moving down to a science. But even a professional organizer can make a few tiny mistakes. Ellie is an ace at moving. A professional organizer, she plans ahead, packs efficiently, and even color-codes the boxes. Moving four times in five years has honed her considerable skills. But unpacking with a newborn daughter, record-breaking heat wave, and the realization that their dream neighborhood is known as Base Housing East is enough to make her turn to chocolate for comfort. But then Ellie’s well-ordered life spins even deeper into chaos when she suspects a friend’s death wasn’t an accident, but murder.
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Air Force wife Ellie has moved so many times, she has become a pro at it. She was a professional organizer and has incorporated those skills into moving.

She and her husband Mitch and their new baby have moved to Washington State. They bought a house this time so they could live off base. After moving in, they find out that most of his new squadron lives in their neighborhood. So much for living off base.

On her way home from her first squadron barbecue, Ellie finds Cass Vincent, one of her neighbors and a squadron wife, dead on the side of the road. The police call it an accident. She was killed by a wasp sting. She was fatally allergic.

Ellie isn’t so sure it was an accident, especially when Cass’ EpiPen can’t be found and Ellie finds a cup of sugary gunk and bits of bees in Cass’ van.

There are break-ins in their neighborhood and then there’s another murder in their neighborhood. What have they moved into? Can Ellie discover the truth without putting herself and her family at risk?

This is a great new series. I can’t wait to read the next one. I had trouble putting this one down. I especially liked the moving tips at the end of many chapters.

The characters are very real, Ellie and her friend Abby especially. I like that the book is told in first person. This makes it easier to really get to know Ellie.

I hope the author writes fast. I highly recommend this book and eagerly look forward to the next.

Dawn Dowdle