Stain expert and laundromat owner Josie Toadfern knows her tiny town's dirty clothes and most of its dirty little secrets. But an upcoming "Psychic Fair" is bringing a brand-new mess to Paradise, Ohio. The arrival of all manner of mystics and soothsayers has raised the dangerous ire of a local evangelist and his minions, as well as the more conservative citizens of Paradise--so it
doesn't take a crystal ball to predict that murder will ultimately foul the fair. But Josie couldn't foresee that she'd be the one to stumble upon the body, or that her impeccable stain-sense would embroil her in the nasty homicidal happenings.
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Josie Toadfern owns the local laundromat and is a stain removal expert. Not only does she get to see everyone’s dirty laundry, she gets to know many of their dirty secrets.

Everything is going along well in Josie’s life. Her romance with Owen Logan, a local professor, seems to be blossoming. She enjoys visiting her cousin, and she has recently rented out the second apartment above the Laundromat to a couple that own a New Age bookshop in town for extra money.

Josie’s borders are sponsoring the upcoming “Psychic Fair,” and that has put a local evangelist and his followers up in arms. Tensions are running high. A psychic in town for the fair stops Josie on the street and warns her of impending doom.

Josie and Owen end up stumbling over a body in the dark. Can she help find the killer before he/she kills again? Can Josie keep herself from being the next victim?

Josie is such a fun character. Her laundromat is a great setting for her to be in contact with most of the town and to hear what is going on. The small town in Ohio is such a great place for this series. The author has done a great job creating it and all the characters in the series. I highly recommend this book.

Dawn Dowdle