There is no stain that stain expert and laundromat owner Josie Toadfern can't conquer, and she's offered to share her expertise on world famous domestic diva Tyra Grimes's TV show. No one is more shocked than Josie herself when the Great Grimes shows up in Paradise, Ohio, to tape a segment in Josie's teeny-weeny hometown. But rapidly spreading rumors of the insufferable icon's immoral--and quite possibly illegal--carryings-on have sparked Josie's curiosity, and her uninvited sorting through Grimes's dirty laundry is exposing all manner of dastardly doings--from mischief all the way to murder.
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Josie Toadfern owns the town Laundromat. She is also a stain expert. Their town, Paradise, Ohio, has always been on the map. But, when the new map arrives, it is no longer there. To try to get them back on the map, Josie writes a letter to Tyra Grimes asking to be on her TV show. Josie is quite surprised when Tyra shows up in town to tape a segment without even answering her letter.

Then Josie starts hearing rumors about Tyra that sound immoral if not illegal. She begins to do some research. Her cousin Billy appears to be getting in deep with Tyra’s associates. As Josie tries to uncover the truth, the funeral director is town is murdered. Elroy is arrested. Josie can’t believe the Elroy killed him. She keeps digging trying to find the truth.

She ends up getting herself in deeper and deeper but can’t seem to figure out how all the pieces fit together.

This was the first book I’ve read in this series. It is an easy read, and I will continue to read others in this series. Josie is a likeable character. The other townspeople are all good characters. I think the writing is good. It is definitely a cozy mystery.

I recommend this book.

Dawn Dowdle