MURDER UNFOLDS (5th in Stain-Busting Mystery Series) follows laundromat owner and stain tips expert/columnist Josie Toadfern—as she goes on a chick trip for her 30th birthday to the Great Walleye Drop in Port Clinton, Ohio. The chick trip quickly turns into a murder mystery romp as Josie and her pals investigate the alleged murder of Mrs. Oglevee--the long-deceased junior high teacher who "haunts" Josie's dreams in past novels. Naturally, further murder and mayhem ensue, and Josie and her pals pull off a caper (involving an Elvis impersonator, fuzzy faux leopard boots, and a very big fish) to investigate.
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Josie Toadfern, local stain removal expert and laundromat owner, has been asked to give a speech honoring Mrs. Oglevee, her deceased junior high school teacher. When Mrs. Oglevee was alive, Josie was often in hot water with her. She has a lot of trouble finding much of interest to talk about.

When Mrs. Oglevee's long lost daughter gives Josie a note that Mrs. Oglevee was murdered, Josie beings to investigate further. She and her friends turn up some interesting and unknown facts about her. All Josie ever knew her as was a grumpy teacher. Seems there was more to her than that.

To complicate Josie's life further, she's turning 30 and has two men vying for her affections.

When Josie is attacked and one of Mrs. Oglevee's relatives killed, Josie knows she's getting close. Can she find the killer without anyone else being killed, especially her?

I really enjoy this series. Josie is such a fun person. I want to go hang out in her laundromat! I love her friends and the men in her life. They all work so well together. The author has created a great small town in Ohio for the setting. It's a place I'd love to visit.

This latest installment was very enjoyable and a quick read. I liked that it was set away from home. It changed the dynamics, but in a good way. I can't wait to read the next one! I highly recommend it and the whole series.

Dawn Dowdle

Josie Toadfern, since inheriting her Aunt and Uncle's laundromat, has become the local stain removal expert. In fact, she has become so good at it that she now writes a local stain-busting column that has just went national. Between the laundry and the column, you would think that she would have her hands full and would have no time to do any snooping around. But, when she is asked to give a speech in honor of her deceased junior high school teacher, who made Josie's life miserable in school, a person claiming to be the late teacher's daughter passes Josie a note claiming her mother was murdered, she feels obligated to find time to look into it. Especially when she starts seeing and hearing her dead teacher and one of the woman's relatives turns up dead. As she digs into the dirt of her late teacher's life, she digs up some very interesting dirt, dirt that, all these years later, someone is still willing to kill to keep buried. Josie quickly realizes that if she wants to make it to her 30 birthday, she better figure out how to remove this very large stain on her late teachers memory.

Filled with wonderfully quirky characters, a complex plot and plenty of stain busting tips, this latest installment in the stain busting mystery series will have you rolling with laughter as you try to help Jose find the killer and get those nasty stains out.

Kathy Thomason