tie dyed and dead
As if running a successful laundromat and writing a popular (and soon to be national) household tips column weren't enough to keep Josie Toadfern busy, she's taken a gig on the side. The Mayfair Sisters, a local singing group from the 1960s, are reuniting for a benefit, and they need Josie to perform her stain-busting magic on their old tie-dyed costumes. But the dresses go missing, only to reappear in a fashion more deadly than retro.
Although Josie's the prime suspect in the murder and mayhem that ensue, she's not about to allow her squeaky-clean reputation to be soiled by some false accusations. But this time, her snooping will land her in some very hot water...
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Fans of Josie will be very pleased with this entry in the series. For people who have never tried Short's books, picking up Tie Dyed and Dead first is fine. Though a series, the books can easily be read out of order because whatever background that a reader needs is replayed in each book.