no such thing as a good blind date
When childhood friend and recent parolee Toodie Ventura suggests he exchange his plumbing services for the spare room in twenty-eight year old Brandy Alexander’s house, the out-of-work new homeowner thinks it’s a pretty good idea.  That is, until she discovers a dismembered body in the freezer and the suspect topping the list is the now missing Toodie.  Brandy refuses to accept her old friend is a cold-blooded killer and, with the help of her ex-boyfriend, (police detective Bobby DiCarlo) and sexy mystery man Nicholas Santiago she sets out to prove Toodie’s innocence.  Soon, Brandy finds herself up to her neck in stalkers and deranged killers, all the while juggling some of the worst blind dates ever!
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When Brandy Alexander’s parents decided to sell their lifelong home in South Philadelphia and move to Florida, Brandy jumped at the chance to purchase the beloved home. Recently returning from LA, where she was a “puff” reporter, she’s now found herself unemployed with plumbing problems knee deep.

Toodie Ventura, a childhood friend and plumber, suggested in exchange for room and board he work on the plumbing. Against her better judgment, she finally agreed with the condition it was only temporary. As it turned out, Toodie was a decent cook, unlike Brandy, and loved a good deal. Little did she know that one of his good deals would result in the appearance of a dead body popping out in front of her blind date.

With the police suspecting Toodie, who has disappeared, Brandy is on a mission to prove her friend is not a cold blooded murderer. Before long, Brandy has found herself being stalked, her home vandalized, her brother’s treasured vehicle dented, her precious pets in jeopardy, and herself being forced to defend herself from her ex-boyfriend’s wife.

Finding chocolate isn’t the “cure all,” Brandy is forced to ask the mysterious Nick Santiago for help. With the assistance of Nick, her friends and family, along with her diligence to find the real murderer, Brandy pushes forward to solve the crime.

Brandy is a likeable chocoholic spirited character with a big heart. Her friends and family come in all sorts of flavors and colors, supporting her to the end. An excellent fast-paced entertaining book you’ll find a challenge to stop reading until the last page is finished. I highly recommend this book. I know that I’ll be looking forward to the next “Brandy Alexander Mystery.”

Skye Lindborg

Brandy is a fun, feisty narrator with a big heart…and the plot is brisk and lively.


Fredman is a hilarious writer! She has such a warm style of writing that the reader can't help but be pulled in…Brandy Alexander takes the reader on a ride not soon to be forgotten…No Such Thing as a Secret is a titillating mystery full of fun and mayhem. There is a rich under-texture that separates the story from other authors and thus makes it a standout.

Midwest Book Review

Brandy is a likeable protagonist with a fine supporting cast of eccentric, sometimes scruffy, friends and neighbors. The book is an entertaining read which won't leave you afraid to turn out the light.

New Mystery Reader