How did an aging hippie from Alaska and an advice columnist from Beverly Hills get into this mess? Identical twins Goldie Silver and Godiva Olivia DuBois discover that some chefs will do anything to win the Greatest Gourmet Gladiator medal...even MURDER.  Join these wisecracking amateur sleuths and their 80 year old mother and uncle, former vaudeville magicians, in a wild romp through the glitzy world of TV chefs in search of a killer. A CORPSE IN THE SOUP is the first book in the Silver Sisters Mysteries series.

The audio version of A CORPSE IN THE SOUP was named BEST MYSTERY AUDIO BOOK 2007 by USA Book News.
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Godiva, a Beverly Hills advice columnist, is poisoned on a TV cooking show. Her twin sister Goldie, an aging hippie from Alaska, quickly comes to town when her daughter Chili calls. Luckily Godiva recovers. Chef Romano from the cooking show begins seeing Godiva and explains that someone is sabotaging his show. He’s sure it’s Chef Biff Wellington. They’ll be going head to head soon in the Gourmet Gladiator’s Tournament.

Chef Romano hires Chili as his new assistant. Godiva and Goldie watch the shows being taped out of concern for Chili. And they start looking into Chef Wellington to try to figure out if he really could be the person behind everything.

When Chef Wellington is murdered, Chef Romano is the prime suspect. Godiva is sure he didn’t do it and the twins set out to prove it and find out who did.

This new series is off to a great start. The twins Godiva and Goldie are opposites, but when they work together, they’re great sleuths. Throw in their quirky family and you’ve got a real winner. Lots of twists and turns in the plot. I highly recommend this book.

Dawn Dowdle

Godiva Olivia DuBois is better know to society as G.O.D. she writes an advice column for the Beverly Hills Blabbermouth. her twin sister Goldie lives in Alaska but when Godivia invites her niece (chili), to Beverly Hills to watch a cooking show that when Goldie gets in a stew about her daughter not spending the summer with her.

However when Godivia is poisoned after tasting what Chef Ceasar Romano cooked for the show then Goldie comes to the rescue.
One thing leads to another and Chili goes to work for Chef Caesar Romano, but then when his arch rival, Biff Wellington is found murdered that is the last straw for Goldie and Godiva. They know Chef Romano didn't do the deadly deed.
Soon secrets come to light and but the plot thickens as lies are layered and half baked confessions are just the icing on the cake.

This mystery spoof is riot to read and completed by quirky characters and a plot that zings with zest. Relish every minute of this wonderful mystery romp.

Morgan St. James and Phyllice Bradner have created a yummy and delightful series.

Pamela James