bone china
Get on the roller coaster of suspense as Detective Lacey hunts down missing persons. Do you think that the Nazis are still a threat? Follow this complex plot of black mail and intrigue.
When a young Jewish woman turns up missing, former Pittsburgh Steelers Detective Richard Lacey sets out to find her. He suspects her disappearance is linked to a dispute with Brenton Pottery her employer. But it does not explain the other people that are also missing.
Lacey searches the old, abandoned Brenton factory on the Susquehanna River, and finds a kiln that he suspects was used to cremate bodies. Or was it?
What he learns throws him into a sea of intrigue and danger.
The background of this novel is based on the author's background in the York / Lancaster area of Pennsylvania and on his experience in the ceramic industry.
Some Characters in Bone China:
AL SIMMONS: Ceramic engineer injured in a factory explosion. Mary Bower works for Al. Her husband, Roger, is AWOL from service and is a suspect, as is Simmons.
CHIEF NEWMAN: Brentonville's Chief of Police.
MARILYN: Lacey's secretary and sweetheart. All along, she suspects "NAZIS!"
MARTHA GREEN: Close friend of Jill Steinberg, the missing woman.
BRENTON FAMILY: Wealth Lancaster County family who is blackmailed by unknown person or persons. Elizabeth Brenton who asks Lacey to find her missing husband and her brother, Oliver, after she learns of the missing Jewish girl. Jug Brenton, family head, and the major victim of blackmail.
DR. ADAMS: A descendant of German immigrants, takes cyanide.
FBI: A number of characters. Greg Richardson is Lacey's main contact.
FLORENCE WITHERSPOON: Retired Elizabethtown police detective who knows Roger Bower, Leonard PERILLO and the Brenton Family, especially Jug's children.
LAWRENCE OLIVER: Brenton's crooked lawyer.
LEONARD PERILLO: Punk and smalltime hood. A friend of Roger Bower.
RYAN BRIGGS: Shot by Lacey or Chief Newman after he killed a police officer, Sergeant Frank, near the old abandoned Brenton factory. Briggs' body was found in a mortuary by FBI agents.
SHARK: A San Francisco detective hired by the Brentons before Lacey came on the scene.
TOMMY DIETER: A missing retarded child.
VINCE SCHMIDT: Worked with Jill. He is a suspect in her missing, perhaps her death.