What is Bull doing at Mystery Lovers Corner? Because Bull does a bit of detective work while chasing bad characters and because after he is rich and paranoid he hires Pinkerton's Detective Agency to find out who is after him, Dawn said that I should add the book.
BOOK DESCRIPTION:  Raised by Old Ned, a mountain man turned prospector, Bull remembers his father's advice to gain security by gaining wealth and power. He works as a Cavalry scout, then uses gambling and stock speculations to gain control of the Placer City Mine.
He and Old Ned build the Rigel Corporation, a mining and agriculture empire, despite the antagonism of Walks-Like-Snake, a Ute Chief (and many others), and his own reluctance to change with the times. When Bull's interest are in jeopardy, Bull attacks.
Some of the characters in Bull:
BRUSER JOHNSON: The only man that's tougher than Bull. He to Pine Gulch after losing his family in and ice storm in Kansas. He works for Bull
CORN SMITH: A cheep and deadly thug whom Bull chases from Colorado  to the Sierras in California after Corn kills Happy's third husband. Bull carries Old Ned's big old knife on this trip. Stinky is Corn's associate on this fateful trip.
DEAD MEN: To many to name here. Those that infringe on the Rigel Corporation and faces Bull's wrath.
DIGGER: He lays them to rest.
DOC: The crusty old sawbones.
GEORGE STEADFAST: The banker who handles Bull's financial affairs.
HAPPY: Bulls true love whom he tries to catch on the bounce after her marriage to Gun Hogan, Stupe Henderson. He finally gets her after her marriage to Jasper, a  railroad clerk. Happy was once a soiled dove. She inherited Gun Hogan's ranch which  becomes her home when Bull buys it back. She became a schoolmarm before she married Bull Davis. She has a touch of revenge in her heart. Happy has twin boys fathered by Jasper. Will Bull ever be able to father his own child?
MADAME MARIA: Bull's business partner, the beautiful saloon owner, Maria, loves Bull but refuses to marry him because of his love for Happy.
MASON FAMILY: Whom Bull doesn't trust. But what is their true nature?
MILITIA: Straight-shooting workmen who are hired by Bull to protect Old Ned. They help Old Ned develop mining properties.
OLD NED: He raised Bull and is his partner, focusing on the mining business.  He loves Bull, but he gets exasperated with Bull's activities.
PETER OTT: A  powerful character, a gunman, who was too  powerful so he got his own book in Revenge on the Mogollon Rim. Peter refuses to pursue Bull's personal grudges, but he does  protect the interest of the Rigel Corporation. Peter was wounded in a careless move as a deputy. The sheriff sends him to New Mexico to be trained by a professional gunman with whom Peter makes a strange pact.
STUPE HENDERSON: A cowboy who is shot by Peter Ott, the gunman.
WALKS-LIKE-SNAKE: Bull's nemesis while Bull and Old Ned serve as army scouts in the early days. Along with other Indians, including Geronimo, he is a constant thorn in Bull's hide. But Bull has mixed emotions about the Indians.
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Description of REVENGE ON THE MOGOLLON RIM (ISBN 059509279) by Taylor Jones
Young Peter Ott gets entangled with a rancher's wife and is forced to leave home.
He becomes a deputy in Durango, only to be shot during a gunfight, because of his inexperience.
He learns the rudiments of becoming a fast gun in Santa Fe from a gunman whose future death he is sworn to avenge.
He becomes a deputy in Globe, chasing down various outlaws throughout Arizona.
An eastern manufacturer pays Ott to avenge the death of his son who was hung along with two other cowboys by vigilantes on the Mogollon Rim. Also, Bull Davis, who owns mining and agricultural interest, pays Ott to avenge the death of one of his ranch foremen. Ott learns who killed the cowboys, but cannot bring them to justice, but he reports most outlaw deaths to the manufacturer as Rim assassins. For each, he gets paid.
As a deputy in Lincoln County, New Mexico, Ott arrests a man named Champion for the bushwhacking of Bull's ranch foreman. He is acquitted by a fearful Lincoln County jury.
Ott tries every strategy to egg Champion into a gunfight. Champion is too clever until Ott tricks him in back in Globe. The final revenge is acted out on the Mogollon Rim.
Some of the Characters:
BAD GUYS: To many to list here, but Pete hunts them down.
CAMILLA: Pete's mistress in  Globe.
CARMAN: Pete's mistress in Western Arizona. She has two children.
CLINT STORM: A foul-mouthed cowpoke.
FRED TUTTLE: Crescent Valley War  participant, owner of hogs and fine horses.
HAROLD BRIDGES: a Texan  wanted for the rape and murder of a Globe woman.
HORACE BENTLEY: Sheriff of Globe.
LEE CHAMPION: Pete's major antagonist from Lincoln County, NM, who fights it out with Pete on the Mogollon Rim.
LIEUTENANT JEFFERSON: Takes credit for Pete's shooting during Apache scuffle.
MARIA: Slim Hartley's mistress in Santa Fe.
MIRANDA: Pete's short-lived bride.
PA: Peter's hardworking father. He looks our for Peter's interest.
ROSY: a child in Crescent Valley who warns Pete of the war between the ranchers and sheep men.
SARAH McFARLANE: Peter commits adultery with Sarah and leaves his father's ranch when George McFarlane comes after him. Sarah has Peter's son but marries another man.
SHERIFF KRAMER: Sheriff of Durango Colorado. Peter serves as his deputy and is shot in the leg because of his carelessness.
SLIM HARTLEY: A gunman in Santa Fe who teaches Peter how to survive a gunfight.
THE MAJOR: Cattleman who puts Pete up at his ranch. A major participant in the Crescent Valley War.