murder at longbourn
Planning New Year’s resolutions to rid her life of all things unhealthy, Elizabeth Parker dumps fatty foods, processed sugar, and her two-timing boyfriend. An invitation to a “How to Host a Murder Party” at her Aunt Winnie’s new Cape Cod B&B comes just in time, rescuing her from a lonely New Year’s Eve with her self-proclaimed bible, Pride and Prejudice. Upon her arrival, Elizabeth finds a few surprises at Longbourn: the hunky young British guest who seems very interested in getting to know her and her co-worker and childhood nemesis, Peter McGowan, a man she suspects has matured only in chronological years. All this before someone is actually murdered at the dinner party.

When the local wealthy miser ends up the unscripted victim, Elizabeth fights the local police, who suspect her beloved aunt. While unearthing old secrets and new motives to clear Winnie, discovering Peter’s true interest in the Inn, and tolerating the haughty and aptly named cat, Lady Catherine, is it any wonder her resolution to achieve inner poise is in tatters?

With its smart, well-read Bridget Jones-like heroine, a cast of loveable, vibrant characters and an entertaining, clever puzzle, MURDER AT LONGBOURN is sure to please.
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The biggest accomplishment of Kiely's debut novel is that it leaves the reader wanting more. Amateur sleuth Elizabeth Parker and her odd assortment of friends and family are ripe for a series. Although the author delves quite deeply into her character's lives, there's still much to learn. Jane Austen fans will thoroughly enjoy this cerebral mystery.

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Jane Austen fans will welcome Kiely's spirited engaging adventure that will hopefully be but the first of many.

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When Elizabeth Parker finds herself single and alone for the holidays, she jumps at an invite from her aunt Winnie to attend a How to Host a Murder Party at Winnie's new Jane Austen-inspired bed-and-breakfast on Cape Cod. Though many of the crowd at Winnie's are older, there are two handsome young men who provide a distraction: British playboy Daniel turns Elizabeth's head with his suave charm, but she's irritated by the presence of her childhood nemesis, Peter. The participants gather, but when the lights go out for the fake murder, a real one occurs: Gerald Ramsey, a surly local businessman, is shot dead. Ramsey was aggressively pushing Winnie to sell her B and B to him-and putting pressure on her by going to the local zoning board-which makes Winnie the prime suspect in his murder. Certain that her aunt isn't the killer, Elizabeth sets out to clear her. With echoes of Jane Austen's characters sure to delight readers, Kiely's first novel offers up a satisfying mystery and a charming heroine.

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