What if your father raised you to be a bank robber? Instead of Barbie & Ken, you played with Smith & Wesson? And now you’re twenty-two and ready to flee the nest, but your homicidal pop won't let you go?

That’s the simple part of Tara’s life. When she and her dad score their biggest heist ever, Tara’s life of adventure takes a frightening turn. They’re pursued by a couple of dangerous ex-partners and a special task force of federal agents. That’s when Tara falls for the son of the local sheriff.

Like her daddy says, “It’s always something.”
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What a great lead in to a story. “At the tender age of nine, Tara Evans was one of the youngest bank robbers in history.” Wyatt is teaching his daughter, Tara, a craft and skill. He thinks it will be lucrative and something that she can do for a long time to earn her living. Yes, you did read this correctly; I did say robbing banks. Dressing the part of a cowboy, Tara tires of this adventure, especially when she sees blood. Sometimes there are even tears after the robbery. She has sported many costumes as a clown and a midget in her bank robbing expertise. She’s twenty-two and on occasion she finds this life of crime more than boring; at other times, this robbery business is an adrenaline high. Ever on the move, Wyatt consistently and strategically plans their next heist.

There are several factions in this story – of course, Wyatt and his daughter, Tara, are one. In another setting are Wyatt’s ex-partners, contemplating how they can benefit from the robberies without doing any of the thefts. Throw into the mix some FBI agents and some romance when Tara falls for a bystander. Of course, anyone interested in Tara must go through the routine of dealing with her father and that is no easy task.

When Tara decides she needs to make some changes, she and her beau set out for an unforgettable adventure. Of course, it is not simplistic. This is a family story that is unlike any family you may know. If you are a Carl Hiaasen fan, you will enjoy this book (but it is not set in Florida). It can be an earthy romp and as the yarn progresses, Tara learns that there are many different ways to be a thief. You will want to keep turning the pages to see what else can happen next.

Rita Ratacheck

Fast-paced, sly, and entirely original. 47 Rules is a book that will be talked about for years.

JA Konrath, author of Whiskey Sour and Rusty Nail

A stunning debut…will make you think someone transported Carl Hiaasen to the desert Southwest. 

Steve Brewer, author of Bank Job and Whipsaw

One of the funniest reads of the year, shot through with scenes of pure chaos that will stay with you long after the book is finished. Bravo for a rip snorting debut!

David Skibbins, author of High Priestess and Eight of Swords

One of the most intriguing and original ideas for a mystery novel I've read all year!

ZoŽ Sharp, author of the Charlie Fox crime thriller series

Author Troy Cook excels in suspense. The plot is fast paced, holding the readers interest from page one. Characters are loveable despite their rather shady personalities and Cook instills just enough humor to break the tension. Well written and a most enjoyable read. Mystery lovers will definitely want to pick up a copy.

Shirley Roe of World News