The fairest of them all…

Lydia Wang is the newly crowned winner of a local beauty pageant—and the queen of mean.  Used to getting what she wants, she ends up in an fight with Persia over the store’s newest acquisition: the Mirror of Aphrodite.  Reflecting only the most beautiful aspects of the person looking into it, the mirror is a huge draw and definitely not for sale—no matter how much Lydia is willing to pay. Persia arrives at the shop the next morning to find Lydia dead, the mirror missing, and one of the shop’s treasured employees the prime suspect.  Trevor’s arrest is a blemish on the reflection of the shop, so Persia decides to take matters by the nose.  To clear his name, she must sniff out the signature scent of a killer.
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Persia Vanderbilt is helping her aunt in her local bath and body store, Venus Envy, in Gull Harbor, Washington. Persia blends custom oils for the customers.

Lydia Wang won a local beauty pageant, but she is not very nice. She wants the Mirror of Aphrodite that Persia’s friend brought back for her. It reflects only the most beautiful aspects of the person looking into it. It’s not for sale.

The next morning Persia arrives at the shop to find not only Lydia dead, but the mirror missing. The police suspect Trevor, one of the shop’s treasured employees. Persia sets out to prove that Trevor didn’t do it.

Can she find out the truth without becoming a victim herself?

This is the first book I’ve read in this series, but it definitely won’t be the last. I really enjoyed Persia. She is a fun and likeable character, and she didn’t do stupid things in her investigating.

The plot was well written and the story moved along at a good pace. It is a great cozy mystery. I highly recommend it.

Dawn Dowdle