Meet the D’Artigo Sisters—three half human, half-Faerie, wild and sexy members of the OIA—the Otherworld Intelligence Agency.  Camille, a witch, Delilah, a werecat, and Menolly, an acrobat extraordinaire turned vampire, are sent Earthside to keep them out of trouble by their superiors, but the girls find themselves smack in the middle of Demon-Central when Shadow Wing, the leader of the Subterranean Realms, decides to attempt a coup on both Earth and Otherworld.  Now, with their erratic powers, the sisters must use their collective talents to prevent the demons from taking over and to save two worlds, one monster at a time.

At the Wayfarer Inn, a portal to Otherworld and the local hangout for humans and beasties alike, our fellow operative Jocko’s been murdered.  Every clue points to Shadow Wing, the soul-munching, bad-ass leader of the Subterranean Realms. He’s made it clear that he aims to raze humankind to the ground, turning both Earth and Otherworld into his private playground. Our assignment: keep Shadow Wing and his minions from creeping into Earth via the Wayfarer. The demons figure they’re in like Flynn.  After all, with only my ‘bumbling’ sisters and me standing in the way, how can they miss?  But we’ve got a secret for them: faulty wiring or not, nobody kicks ass like the D’Artigo girls…

(Some explicit sex)
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Witchling was a pure delight…a great heroine, designer gear, dead guys, and Seattle precipitation...A clever, sexy whodunit with thrills, chills, and designer footgear.  Pick this one up!

Maryjanice Davidson, New York Times list bestselling author of Undead and Unpopular

Hold onto your wands, there’s a new witch in town!...Reminiscent of Laurell K. Hamilton with a lighter touch, Witchling begins a delightful new series that simmers with fun and magic.

Mary Jo Putney, New York Times list bestselling author of The Marriage Spell

Watch out Laurell Hamilton, Galenorn’s kickbutt fey ramp up the action in a wyrd world gone awry.  Her three
half-fairy sisters are a wonderfully quirky combination of witch, shapeshifter, and vampire who set out to save Earth, while trying to maintain their cosmetics, love life, and baby gargoyle…  I love it!

Patricia Rice, New York Times list bestselling author of Magic Man

Yasmine Galenorn has created an action-packed fantasy world where anything is possible and magic waits around every corner. Camille D'Artigo and her sisters are strong, spirited heroines who call upon their special gifts with flair. Witchling is a fun read, filled with surprise and enchantment.

Linda Winstead Jones, Author of the Sun Witch, the Moon Witch, and the Star Witch

The Sisters of the Moon are enchanting, amusing and deliciously wicked.  Yasmine Galenorn has created a thoroughly believable world, with fast-paced adventure spiced with delightful humor.  She is on top form with this wonderful new series, and I can't recommend it enough.

Doreen Roberts/Kate Kingsbury, Author of The English Wife and the Pennyfoot Mystery Series

Galenorn's "Witchling" is a wicked, witty read. I couldn't put it down.

Candace Havens, Author of Charmed & Ready

If Witchling is the first in Galenorn's new series, I can't wait to read more.  Camille--and her sisters--bring true human identity to half-fae heroines, and Trillian as Camille's very dark bad-boy lover is simply...whoa-baby, yum! This is one sexy, fantastic paranormal-mystery-romantic read.

Terese Ramin, editor of Bewitched, Bothered & BeVampyred charity collaborations