forget to remember
Carol Golden isn't her real name. She doesn't remember her real name or anything that happened before she was found in a Dumpster, naked and unconscious, on the beautiful Palos Verdes Peninsula in Southern California.
After helping her get some initial medical treatment, government at all levels officially declares her a non-person and doesn't want anything more to do with her. She can't work because she doesn't have a Social Security number, which she can't get because she doesn't have a birth certificate. She can't get a driver's license, and, having no I.D. she can't fly.
Fortunately, she receives help from Rigo Ramirez, the young man who found her, and his family. Frances Moran, a genetic genealogist who is an expert at identifying and finding people using DNA and the Internet, offers her services, but nobody appears to be looking for Carol. Nobody, that is, except whoever left her for dead. Is this person going to return to finish the job?
Carol must overcome the obstacles placed in her path by an unfeeling bureaucracy while she searches for clues to her identity. If the law doesn’t protect her, why should she stay within the law? In addition, as her situation gets publicized, the risk of her attacker finding out that she’s still alive increases.
Carol discovers that she’s an “action kind of girl” who doesn’t take kindly to being told what she can’t do, which is just about everything. She realizes that if she’s going to find out who she is, she has to travel to the East Coast and England and do whatever else needs to be done, regardless of the risks.
Read A Review:

Forget to Remember is another fine mystery from author Alan Cook. Alan's books often begin somewhat slowly but the tension quickly builds as the story unfolds. Alan's characters are believable and sympathetic, as well as being tenacious about getting to the center of their mystery.

Rigo Ramirez is emptying trash one night at his temporary job. When he opens the dumpster he discovers the naked body of a lovely young woman who seems to have lost her memory. Having recently completed a degree in psychology, Rigo is just the right person to help "Carol Golden" as she searches for her missing identity.

Carol's search takes her around the United States, and to Europe, providing some international intrigue. With the help of Rigo and his parents, who open their home to Carol, our protagonist works her way through the various people who have been part of her life. Fortunately she seems to be a missing heiress, so there is no lack of money for her search. What's up with the lawyer who is helping her? Is he a good guy or does he wear a black hat? Ultimately she discovers her own identity and learns why she was left for dead.

Alan's books are very readable and provide a good puzzle for the mystery buff. Four and a half out of five stars for this book

Sherry Benic