May and the gang are at it again!  A sequel to Death for Dessert, Digging up Otis continues the drama when the senior sleuth and her quirky friends discover one of their own in the senior apartment complex has gone missing.  And then...horrors!  He appears in a most unlikely place. 
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May List is fabulous! I love this series. She and her geriatric friends are at it again.

May and her husband Ted had settled back into a comfortable life together when May gets a phone call from her friends at Waning Years Estate. There’s been another murder. That gets May’s juices going. Ted encourages her to fly down to help them out. He even agrees to join her as soon as he can get things settled in his doctor practice.

May enjoys seeing all her old friends again. She soon finds out Otis Cunningham is missing and presumed dead. The gang shows her all the improvements made to Waning Years Estate since she left. She is pleasantly surprised.

While relaxing in the lounge, they discover Otis floating in the pool at the center. The police call it an accident. The gang knows it was murder. But how do they prove it? They split up to check out some various leads. They begin to have even more suspicions about this murder.

Once Ted arrives, he joins in on the hilarious antics of this group. I laughed out loud many times. So many that my husband asked me what was so funny more than once!

I highly recommend this book and series. It is a fun read that you won’t want to put down until May and her friends have solved the murder. Be prepared to laugh out loud and to keep reading until you finish! You won’t get much else done while reading it!

Dawn Dowdle