say goodbye
A second chance at love is the last thing on Gary Kemmerman's mind — he wears his wedding ring to preserve memories of his late wife. We meet him the morning he's forced to become an amateur sleuth, when the widow of a friend asks for his help. The police say her husband's fatal car crash was an accident, but she knows its murder.
The sole witness to the crash is a divorcée who also wears a wedding ring, but for protection. Becca has stopped dating. Yet Gary and Becca are attracted to one another. As Gary digs into his friend's murder, he uncovers a multi-million dollar corporate scam protected by a killer who hums a Disney tune. Those who get in the way wind up underground behind an abandoned building in the New Jersey Meadowlands.
Falling for Becca lets Gary say goodbye to his late wife.  Will he risk his life for the woman he's come to love, or say goodbye again?
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In SAY GOODBYE, the story begins with a car accident and sets in motion a thrilling ride for anyone lucky enough to pick up a copy of this book. Gary Kemmerman has spent the last year recovering from his wife’s death and isn’t quite ready to head back into the dating world, much to the dismay of some of his neighborhood friends. When one neighbor is killed in a car accident one snowy morning, Gary is pushed into the middle of an investigation when the grieving widow insists her husband’s death was no accident and asks Gary to look into it.

The only witness to the car accident may know more than she realizes.  This puts her life in danger and in trying to protect her, Gary realizes maybe he is ready for the dating scene again. When people who seem to know too much begin dying in random accidents, Gary uses all his skills as a crisis consultant and races the clock to save Becca’s life and prove his neighbor’s death was no accident.


E J Rand tells a story that is entertaining, engaging and completely engrossing!  He weaves his tale one tiny thread at a time and leaves his readers no choice but to hold on and enjoy the ride.  SAY GOODBYE is the first in the “Reluctant Sleuth” series, and I can’t wait for the next installment.

Laine Estep

Buckle your seatbelts, SAY GOODBYE, the debut mystery from E. J. Rand, is a roller coaster of a ride. Action-packed, with an intriguing mystery and a charming mature romance, Rand has created a page turner that leaves the reader waiting anxiously for the sequel in his Reluctant Sleuth series. 

Evelyn David, author, MURDER OFF THE BOOKS

While reading Say Goodbye, mystery and thriller fans will shout a warm hello to EJ Rand's reluctant sleuth, Gary Kemmerman, who uses his low key charm and off beat method of detection to solve a complicated crime.  I finished it in one sitting!

Nora Charles, author of Kate Kennedy Senior Sleuth Series: HURRICANE HOMICIDE & DEATH RIDES THE SURF

EJ Rand's fresh characters and intriguing plot wrap mystery, thriller, and romance into a page-turner--you'll never forget his reluctant sleuth. Don't miss this book.