Agatha, Barry, and Anthony Award nominated author is back again with another Molly Doyle Mystery. This time Molly may not be able to save a dear friend from a homicide conviction...or herself from a cold-blooded killer with secrets to protect!
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Molly Doyle is hired to help Frances O’Brien sell off all her parents’ antiques. She is unsure of taking the job, but once she sees all the treasures, she can’t say no. Frances is very difficult to deal with, and Molly often regrets taking the job. But not as much as she does when a mummified human corpse is found behind the walls.

Molly’s niece Emma that recently came to live with her is such a great addition to this series. Her knowledge of antiques is proving to be a real asset in this book. There are so many items to catalog. Plus Emma keeps Molly from dumping this job more than once.

Randall, Chief of Police, and Molly have worked together to solve a few other murders. Most of the time Randall is trying to keep Molly out of things. This is no exception. Molly feels compelled to find out who the killer is, especially when her friend Daria becomes a suspect.

I really enjoy this series. I’m not an antiques lover, but I have really grown to love Molly and the rest of the characters created by this author. They are so believable and entertaining. I would love to go to Carmel and meet them all. If only I could!

I can’t wait for the next book to be written and published. It’s like hearing from an old friend when I read a book in this series. The author has done a wonderful job with the plot, setting, characters, and pace. Keep them coming!

I highly recommend this book.

Dawn Dowdle