Deadly Diversion takes us once again to the Intensive Care Unit of St. Teresa’s (or St. T’s to its dedicated staff) where head nurse Monika Everhardt investigates the death of cancer patient Huey Castle, a small-time crook who died of a respiratory arrest just before he was to talk to police about a long-ago crime.  The St. Louis medical examiner rules the death “suspicious,” triggering a police investigation and Huey’s nurse is arrested. 

To vindicate her staff and protect the hospital’s reputation, Monika is determined to find out how Huey died and enlists the help of her life-long friend, BJ, a city police officer.  What did he want to tell the police?  Is the perpetrator a disgruntled worker?  A local mob figure’s family?  Or could it even be her demanding supervisor?  But Monika’s search is thwarted by missing narcotics, confusing lab results, an uncooperative hospital administration, and an understaffed crew distracted by a unionization attempt.