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Eleanor Sullivan
Inspired by the nurses who cared for her dying husband, Eleanor began college to study nursing after his death.  Although she had five young children (the oldest was 12, the youngest 6 weeks) and little money, it never occurred to her going to college might be impossible.  Overcoming the odds, Eleanor graduated at the top of her class and was elected class president.  Thus began her amazing career in nursing.

Dean of the University of Kansas School of Nursing, president of an international nursing organization, editor of the Journal of Professional Nursing, and author of award-winning books in nursing are just some of her remarkable accomplishments.  She has testified before U. S. Senate committees, served on a National Institutes of Health council, presented papers in the U. S., Finland, the Netherlands, Germany, Australia, been quoted in the Chicago Tribune, Kansas City Star, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Rolling Stone, and named “Who’s Who in Health Care” by the Kansas City Business Journal.

Then she turned her attention to writing mysteries featuring nurse sleuth Monika Everhardt.  Three books in the series have been published so far.  TWICE DEAD, DEADLY DIVERSION, and ASSUMED DEAD (2002, 2004, 2006, Hilliard & Harris).  About her books, Jon Breen, reviewer says, “The telling and characters are expertly handled, and the specialized background is rendered in warts- and-all detail.” Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, July, 2005

In gratitude for the opportunities she has had in nursing, Eleanor contributes a portion of her book sales for nursing scholarships.

Her five children grown, Eleanor lives in St. Louis with her cat, Theodore Baer (a.k.a. Teddy Bear) where she is beginning a new series of historical mysteries featuring herbalist and midwife Adelaide Eberle.  Don’t worry, though, Monika will return in PLAY DEAD.

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For lots more information, please visit Eleanor Sullivan at www.EleanorSullivan.com.