TWICE DEAD is the first of a series of mysteries featuring a nurse sleuth by Eleanor Sullivan published by Hilliard & Harris.  When Monika Everhardt, head nurse of the intensive care unit at St. Teresa’s Hospital, learns that a young woman who bled to death following an abortion was never pregnant, she sets out to find out why the woman died. 

Did the new nurse assigned to care for the woman abandon her?  Why didn’t the staff physician who volunteers at the only remaining abortion clinic in the city recognize the woman when he admitted her?  Where was her husband—an Army Ranger supposedly away for training—when she was killed?

As the family threatens to sue and the hospital grapples with financial problems and anti-abortion protesters, a bomb threat becomes increasingly real.  Fearing for the safety of her patients and the reputation of her staff, Monika is drawn into a personal quest to uncover the truth.
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Monika Everhardt is the head nurse of the intensive care unit at St. Teresa's Hospital. When she learns that a young woman bled to death from an abortion but wasn't even pregnant, she decides to investigate.

The family threatens to sue the hospital. The hospital not only has to grapple with that, but soon anti-abortion protestors and bomb threats are all too real.  Plus the hospital is having financial trouble.

Where was the woman's husband during all this?  He is an Army Ranger and was supposed to be away on training, but was he?

Amid all these questions and problems, Monika digs deeper and deeper to uncover the truth.

I really enjoyed this book and look forward to reading more in this series.  It is a fast-paced story and hard to put down.  I highly recommend it.

Dawn Dowdle