Can Lacey Smithsonian save Christmas? It's a Christmas in crisis at The Eye Street Observer, and guess who's taking the blame. The op-ed page is attacking gaudy holiday sweaters! The food editor is boycotting her baking! Lacey's two least favorite people at the news paper are on a murderous collision course! And a vicious unsolved attack in the alley (with an oversized candy cane?) has the whole newsroom on edge. Is Lacey ruining Christmas, or is all of Washington, D.C., ruining hers?!

To save Christmas, Lacey must unravel the secret of a mysterious child last seen wearing a shepherd's robe from a Nativity scene--and face--a killer who would destroy more than just a child's Christmas.
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An editorial written about gaudy Christmas sweaters becomes known as Sweatergate around the newsroom at the Eye Street Observer. Many people believe fashion reporter Lacey Smithsonian wrote the editorial. But soon it is revealed that Cassandra Wentworth, an editor who is against materialism, wrote the article.

As Lacey is getting ready for the Eye's annual holiday party, she receives a phone call bringing her out to the alley where she finds Cassandra bleeding and unconscious and wearing one of those acrylic Christmas sweaters. A homeless child is the only witness and runs away at the mention of the police.

Suspicion falls on the Eye's food editor, Felicity Pickles. Lacey sets out to find the child to help him/her, but soon realizes they are in danger and her search intensifies. Does the killer believe the child saw more than they did?

I love this series. It's such a fun and quick read. I soon find myself lost in the fashion world of DC and murder. Having lived in DC I enjoy hearing about places I know. Lacy is such a fun character. I love reading of all her exploits and adventures. I can't wait for more! I highly recommend this book.

Dawn Dowdle