the battered body
There's trouble on the rise when the "Diva of Dough" arrives in Quincy's Gap to make the wedding cake for Milla and Jackson's Christmas Eve nuptials. The famous chef and television personality is Milla's sister, but while her confections are sweet and beautiful, the Diva herself makes enemies faster than you can say "praline pecan bundt cake." When the Diva is done in, her body found covered in cake batter, James and the other supper club members find themselves up to their elbows in suspects.
A cozy "village" mystery, The Battered Body is the fifth book in the warm and wonderful Supper Club Mystery series.
This high-calorie caper includes delicious recipes!
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In preparation of Jackson Henry and Milla's New Year's wedding, her sister, Paulette Martine who is a television chef, comes to town to bake the wedding cake.  James Henry, of the Flab Five, tries to be nice to Milla's relatives to keep his mind off of Murphy Alistair's upcoming book which will feature the adventures of the Flab Five, and probably not in a flattering manner.  He's also hoping to rekindle his romance with Lucy, another member of the Flab Five and a sheriff's deputy.  Bennett, another Flab Five member, is studying for his upcoming Jeopardy appearance.

The Fitzgerald twins, from the library James Henry manages, are looking for love but not always in the right places.

When Paulette is found murdered, James Henry investigates to try to speed things along.  Jackson and Milla have postponed their wedding until it is resolved.  As Milla's family prepares for the funeral, they show their true colors.  Plus James is trying to buy his first house.  There is so much involved and in the midst of all this, he gets a big surprise.  Can he find the killer and help his dad and Milla to go on with their wedding and their lives?

I love this series.  Each of the Flab Five characters brings something unique to the mixture.  I also really enjoy the Fitzgerald twins.  I wonder if when the author began this series she expected them to play such a large role.  James' dad has really grown on me, especially since he met Milla.

I hope there will be many more books in this fabulous series.  I highly recommend this book and the series.

Dawn Dowdle

Heavy on fun, light on gore, this savory mystery comes complete with yummy recipes.

Publishers Weekly

Foodies will love the recipes and fans the new adventures of the five friends.

Kirkus Reviews

Sprinkled with delightful characters and topped off with a dash of suspense.

Romantic Times Book Reviews