chili con corpses
They're in deep guacamole...

When Lindy suggests the supper club members join a Mexican cooking class, the five friends jump at the idea. For James, the cervezas and black bean dip provide a welcome distraction from his relationship woes, since Lucy's romantic feelings for him have turned as frosty as a frozen margarita. At least the cooking class heats up when a spunky reporter and her friends, twin sisters with supermodel physiques, enroll. But when people start turning up dead, and the evidence points toward Lindy, things become hotter than a jalapeņo.

Featuring authentic Mexican and Spanish recipes
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Heavy on fun, light on gore, this savory mystery comes complete with yummy recipes.

Publishers Weekly

Mexican recipes, the cozy hometown setting, and a touch of romance make [Chili Con Corpses] a pleasant read.

Kirkus Reviews

Stanley offers another entry in the popular Supper Club Mystery series, and her fans now have a new volume to relish.