Amateur sleuth Molly Appleby is in Richmond, Virginia, to cover a taping of the hit antiques show Hidden Treasures. But after the show's main appraiser inspects an 18th-century desk with hidden compartments, she finds him dead. Molly thinks that the antique desk holds the key to this 21st-century crime. It's up to her to collect the clues before more new blood is shed over old rarities.
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Molly Appleby has been sent to Richmond, Virginia , to cover the taping of Hidden Treasures, a fictional Antiques Roadshow. Once she is settled in her wonderful room at the bed and breakfast run by Mrs. Hewell, she goes to the museum where the show will be filmed. She meets many of the cast members and finds them very helpful. They like sharing their knowledge of antiques. Frank Sterling, the main appraiser, and his wife, are not as friendly. After he inspects a beautiful desk with unique secret compartments, he goes missing. Molly has the unfortunate luck of finding him dead in his car. The police don’t think it was murder, but Molly does. Once there is another murder, the police begin to believe it too.

Emily believes the desk holds the key, but can she discover its secret before anyone else is murdered, especially herself?

I really enjoy this series. I’m finding antique themed cozies to be one of my all-time favorites. This is a great series in that theme. Molly is such a down to earth character and she’s very knowledgeable in the antiques and collectibles world. Having her write for Collector’s Weekly gives her the ability to move around to different locales, thus keeping the series fresh with characters.

This is the second in this wonderful series, and I hope there will be many more! I highly recommend this book and series.

Dawn Dowdle