Welcome back to Quincy's Gap, Virginia, where James Henry and his dieting group contend with dangerous secrets, dark intrigue, and delicious praline sundaes. Six months after starting their low-carb diet, the Flab Five are feeling motivationally-challenged. A new ice cream shop has come to town, but so has the Witness to Fitness weight loss center, run by the fanatical Veronica Levitt. Maybe Veronica's "take-no-prisoners" approach is just what the group needs.

Between dieting, caring for his cranky father, and struggling with his growing affection for Lucy, James has his plate full. But when he and his fellow dieters poke around in an arson case that turns into a murder investigation, the Flab Five discover that they may have bitten off more than they can chew.

A cozy "village" mystery, Fit to Die is the second book in the warm and wonderful Supper Club Mystery series.
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James Henry and the Supper Club are back with more fabulous escapades. When arson hits Quincy's Gap, Virginia, putting newcomer Willy Kendrick and Chilly Willy's Polar Pagoda out of business, they investigate. Soon it is discovered that it is murder, not just arson.

Plus Witness to Fitness is new to town and Ronnie is a dynamo spokesperson for the gym. The Flab Five decide to join together to lose some pounds. They soon find out the food is tasteless and they are exhausted from the exercise classes, but they keep pressing forward.

James struggles with his feelings for Lucy and how to convey them to her. Plus he's busy planning the big fundraiser for the library and caring for his cranky father who has decided to redo the kitchen. How can he manage everything at once?

Can the Flab Five uncover the killer without putting themselves in danger?

I love this series. James Henry is such a lovable character. The setting is wonderful. The Flab Five are terrific. I devour the books, but I always hate to see them end so soon.

I like how the characters are growing with each book. She's done a great job at creating a series that I can't wait for the next book.

I highly recommend this book and the series. If you're like me, you'll have trouble putting it down but be sad when it ends!

Dawn Dowdle