stiffs and swine
When the Supper Club members are invited to be guest judges at a regional barbecue contest, they accept the invitation faster than you can say "hog heaven." But the barbecue festival's family-oriented, finger-licking fun turns sour when a contestant is found dead. Things go from bad to worse when one of the five friends is accused of the murder and lands in jail. The strained relationship between James and Lucy is still no picnic, but the Supper Club members must stick together to find the real killer.

Includes authentic barbecue-friendly recipes!
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The Flab Five:  James, Lucy, Bennet, Lindy, and Gillian, have been invited to be judges at a regional barbeque contest.  They all jump at the chance and are soon on their way to a neighboring locale.

Before long, one of the contestant's is found dead.  Unbeknownst to the rest of the group, Gillian had a past with the murder victim and is soon in jail as the prime suspect.  The other four friends band together to discover the identity of the real killer.

Murphy, the reporter from their town and James' girlfriend, comes to town to cover the story.  This puts a lot of strain on their relationship.  Will it survive?

The four friends discover they didn't know their friend Gillian as well as they thought they did.  Could she be the killer?  There are quite a few people who aren't sad to see the murder victim dead.  Which one is the killer?

Plus what's going on at the library where James works?  Can he help solve this mystery as well?

I love this series and always devour each book.  This was no exception.  The only thing I hate is that I read them so fast and have to wait so long for the next book.

I really like The Flab Five.  They've become such a great group of friends.  But as is often true, everyone has a past they haven't revealed. I like how this was handled in this book.  And how the various friends reacted.  It felt very real.

There are lots of wonderful recipes in the book, too.  I hope to try some one day.  I highly recommend this book and the complete series.

Dawn Dowdle

Heavy on fun, light on gore, this savory mystery comes complete with yummy recipes.

Publishers Weekly
Just plain fun to read — with quirky, small-town characters and enough action to keep readers interested.

Readers are served a well-plotted mystery sprinkled with delightful characters and topped off with a dash of suspense.

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