Grace Johnson, elderly New York City widow, "ran away from home, and at my age!" she says. Patrick O'Mally, retired New York cop, comes to her rescue by taking her to the homeless shelter where he volunteers. Grace quickly becomes their most valuable employee.
The fun begins when a priest from St. Patrick's Cathedral recruits them to help solve a mystery: the statue of St. Patrick has disappeared! They are led on a merry chase by a young girl, and along the way they just happen to solve the one murder case that has bugged Patrick for years, as well as get caught in the middle of an attempted poisoning.

IN ST. PATRICK'S CUSTODY is the first in the Patrick & Grace Mystery series.
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Grace is afraid her daughter is about to put her in a nursing home, so she runs away.  Her friend Patrick puts her in a homeless shelter so her children can’t find her.  She’s not sure if her sons are in on it or not, but doesn’t want to take a chance. 

Thus begins the adventure of her lifetime.  She and Patrick go to the park almost every day.  They begin seeing a child that appears homeless, but she won’t let them get near.  They leave her food as often as they can. 

Grace also makes many friends at the shelter, including Mr. Douglas who runs it.  He used to be a priest until he met his wife.  Grace gets off to a shaky start with Anne Douglas.  Anne feels threatened by Grace and tends to make life unbearable at times. 

The St. Patrick’s statue is stolen from a nearby church.  Patrick is asked to help find it.  Patrick is a retired New York Detective.  Grace insists that he let her help him.  She has an idea that she might know where the statue is. 

There is something in Patrick’s past that still haunts him.  Grace is determined to find out what it is and to try to help him get past it. 

They have many adventures, some fun and some dangerous, as they try to unravel the mysteries. 

This is the first book in this series that I have read.  It is a very delightful mystery and so easy to read.  I look forward to reading more in this series. 

Grace is the type of person you would want to invite over for dessert if she lived in your neighborhood.  Who couldn’t like her! 

Janet Elaine Smith has created wonderful characters and such a terrific setting.  I highly recommend this book.

Dawn Dowdle