In this second Hetta Coffey Mystery, Hetta sails into hot Mexican waters.   Miffed that vacation plans with her chronically absent boyfriend, Jenks Jenkins, have gone awry, Hetta  accepts a job in Baja. So what if she and her friend, Jan, are spectacularly unqualified to take her yacht on a thousand mile cruise in the eastern Pacific Ocean in the middle of hurricane season?

Hiring a handsome, if somewhat fishy, captain for the trip might keep them off the rocks, but probably won’t do the same for her future with Jenks. Meanwhile, a little eye candy on board can’t be all bad.
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When Hetta Coffey's vacation plans with Jenks Jenkins, her boyfriend, fall apart, she accepts a job in Baja. She hires Jan as a consultant, and they hire a captain for her yacht and head off. When many captains turned them down due to it being hurricane season and this one didn't, they should have known something was fishy.

The more she finds out about the project she has taken on, the more she isn't sure about this. But she refuses to back out, especially when Jenks tells her to. Her disregard for danger soon finds them plagued with illegal aliens, a pesky whale, bodies, and a menacing Mexican.

Can they solve the mysteries without putting themselves in harm's way?

I love Hetta. She is such a fun character. You never quite know what she's going to do. I often find myself laughing while reading books in this series. Even though I'm not interested in sailing, I really enjoy these books. This one was fun because they end up in the middle of the ocean and can only keep in touch with people through phones. When that's wiped out, they end up having to rely on each other and a few people who are nearby. I highly recommend this book.

Dawn Dowdle