When Sheriff Grant turns up dead in the bottom of a school dumpster, fudge frosting from Hannah's night cooking class smeared on his uniform shirt, Hannah's brother-in-law, the sheriff's opponent in the upcoming election, is the prime suspect.  Naturally, Hannah's not swallowing it.  After assuring Bill's wife, her sister Andrea, that she'll clear Bill by catching the killer, Hannah's soon uncovering many of Lake Eden, Minnesota's scandalous secrets, steaming hot betrayals, and enough intrigue to keep the gossip mill at The Cookie Jar going through gallons of freshly-perked "Swedish Plasma."

Original dessert and cookie recipes included.
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Hannah Swenson has found another body.  This time Sheriff Grant has been murdered.  Then her sister Andrea, who is eight months pregnant with her second child, calls to tell her that Bill, Andrea’s husband, has been suspended.  He is a Deputy and was running for Sheriff against Sheriff Grant.  Mike, one of the men Hannah dates, put Bill on administrative leave until he could be cleared from the murder. 

Andrea and Hannah decide to begin investigating to clear Bill so that he will get back to work.  He is driving Andrea crazy at home.  He keeps cleaning and organizing and ends up throwing a lot of Andrea’s things away. 

Hannah owns and runs with her partner Lisa the Cookie Jar.  They are preparing for Halloween and Hannah doesn’t know how she ever did it without Lisa.  Lisa helps the investigation by letting Hannah be gone a lot.  Also, Lisa and Hannah are trying to determine the missing surprise ingredient for Alma’s Fudge Cupcakes.  Unfortunately she died without telling anyone the surprise ingredient and her son Ted wants to add it to the recipe book Hannah is compiling from recipes of people from town.  She is also running a cooking class that is trying out all the recipes to catch errors and decide which recipes should go into the book. 

There is also the fact that not only does Hannah date Mike from the Sheriff’s office, but she also dates Norman, a dentist.  During most of the book Norman is out of town.  The tension Hannah feels about not knowing which one she likes better really adds to this book. 

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and highly recommend it and all the other books in this series.  The recipes are always great, too.  Who doesn’t like a mystery filled with food?  Important Note:  please check out the author’s website: before trying the Fudge Cupcake recipe as there is a typo in the ingredients. 

The small town she has created in this book is great.  There are so many different characters but they interact so well.  I felt as if I had really visited Lake Eden when I finished this book.   

Hannah, her mother, and her sister Andrea are great characters.  She has done a great job in creating them and the many mother/daughter and sister strifes.  It is all so believable and enjoyable. 

Hope you try this book and series, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Dawn Dowdle