It's Tri-County Fair time and Lake Eden, Minnesota, is buzzing with more than mosquitoes.  Hannah Swensen, owner of The Cookie Jar, is hot on the trail of a killer whose perfect carnival prize would be getting away with murder.  Includes 12 original dessert recipes for you to try.
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Hannah agrees to help judge the baking contest at the Tri-County fair in Lake Eden. She’s also providing treats for the Chamber of Commerce booth from her bakery The Cookie Jar. And then she is coaxed into helping Herb out as his magician’s assistant. Plus her cat, Moishe, has apparently gone on a hunger strike.

The last thing Hannah expects to find at the fair is Willa Sunquist, her fellow bake contest judge and a junior college teacher, murdered. But she does.   Willa was also in charge of the beauty contest Hannah’s sister Michelle is in.

Hannah discovers there are plenty of suspects and finds herself in the middle of everything trying to solve her murder. Plus she’s trying to get Moishe to eat. Norman, one of her beaus, also tries to help with Moishe.

Can Hannah find the killer without becoming a victim herself?

I love this series. The food and mystery always go hand in hand. I want to try out some of the wonderful sounding recipes. I like how the author shows us Hannah’s daily life but without boring us. I hope that Hannah will make a decision between Norman and Mike soon.

I enjoyed this story being set around the fair. Fairs are such fun activities. I like how the author has built up Lisa’s character over the books. I really enjoy her.

I highly recommend this book and the whole series.

Dawn Dowdle